TransTEG Lifecycle Private Limited is registered in Gurgaon and involved in creation of T-TEG and C-SIP platforms. In coming years, both these platforms metamorphise into a common services and infrastructure market place, where users can buy / sell / trade services & infrastructure locationing and resource hiring.

The platform is fully scalable, modular and highly flexible and will initially start with Telecom, Electricity and Gas sectors. However, very quickly more modules will be added through a highly configurable “Service definition engine”. The platform will integrate AI/ML for scheduling and price determination. It will also integrate IOT based devices for deplyment data capture, operations monitoring and fault location finding.

Transteg is a fully compliant long term businss operation that supports its subscribers in regulatory compliance and improving the deployment / operations efficiency



Anuj comes with more than 30 years experience holding yechnology leadership positions across companies like Nokia, Reliance Infocomm, Convergelabs, Hughes Telecom and Indian Railways . Anuj is also an entrpreneur for the last 5 years with companies working in technology areas like WiFi, Optical Fiber Planning, Workflow and technology management tools and planning for 2G/3G/4G inbuilding solutions. Anuj is a B. Tech. from National Institute of Technology Warangal.



Avinash Rai is a mentor mainly focusing on T-TEG and C-SIP platform. Avinash has more han 30 years of experience with companes like Nokia, Airtel, Mahindra British Telecom & Reliance. Avinash has lead develpoment of huge enterprise scale tools which are now being used actoss the industry.

DVR Murthy

DVR Murthy – DVR focuses on Corporate business practice, Compliance and Finance. With more than 20 years in the industry with companies like Lanco, Lasons, Siemens Ganesha and Castwel. DVR brings in the financial expertize, discipline and ethical business operation required for a long term sustainable business